Group Collaboration Anyone? Good-bye Google.

I love technology, and in the worst of moments, I hate it too.  Sound familiar?  One of my recent frustrations is that Google has discontinued "Pages" on its group sites.  Care to guess how many groups I have setup in Google?  Clue: Way too many!  Another challenge with Google is getting the less tech savvy group members up the learning curve of creating a Google account. Yes, believe it or not, there are people who don't 'belong'.

So, along comes Wiggio.  Created by two Cornell grads, this site puts and end to the multiple sites and configurations for managing groups.  And you can invite people to your group without them having a Wiggio account.  Multiple groups?  Simply toggle between the groups.  Multiple calendars?  Consolidate the view so that all of your group activities are shown in one calendar.

Communicating?  You have email, text messaging, voice and post-it note options.  Virtual meetings and conference calls?  No problem.  Check it out, you'll love the intuitive user interface, too.

I'm so excited I won't be able to sleep tonight!  Good-bye Google….well Google Groups, anyway.

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