I’ve Been to the Future and There is No Google

I've been to the future and there is no Google.
(Gasp!) For some reason my computer clock decided it is 7/30/7075. Of
course the windows calendar doesn't think that far ahead but it did calculate that the Google security certificate was out of the computer's
date range and so my email wouldn't download from gmail.

At first I didn't notice that my clock was incorrect.  It was when I went to setup a reminder in Outlook 2007 that I noticed the year was set at 2099 (the end date range for the windows calendar).  As I went exploring I noticed that my sent emails were dated in the year 1601. 

It wasn't that hard to correct, other than in order to reset the clock I had to scroll back through the years.  Trying to synchronize with an online clock didn't work.

Well, so much for a look into the future.  It wasn't that exciting. 

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