What’s new in LinkedIn: Twitter & Templates

Twitter Feed

If you haven't checked your LinkedIn profile or updated it in awhile, you may want to click on the "Edit Profile" link and see the new "Twitter" field.  This allows you to have a link to your Twitter home page on your profile.  You can also update you LinkedIn status with all Twitter messages or just those that you flag with the hashtag "#in".  Cool, huh!

Group & Subgroup Goodies

If you are managing a group in LinkedIn and you have grown a decent sized group, you may want to form some subgroups.  This works great for chapters or special interest groups within your main group.  Just check the menu options under "Manage" in your main group. 

Message Templates

Templates are a great way to automate your own custom messages to to group members, those you decline and those who apply for group membership. Here is a screen shot of the Manage Message Template area:


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