Suspicious about LinkedIn Weakening Intellectual Properties

LinkedIn has a beta feature called "Company Profile".  This facilitates building out a company profile with some similarity to a personal profile.  If you find a company or organization name on LinkedIn, even your own, that doesn't have an official profile it may already be hyperlinked to a page that is somewhat pre-populated based on the personal profiles of that company's employees.

Only company employees with an email address at the company domain can complete the profile.  I brought this to the attention of one of my association clients and prompted them to complete their profile.  After all, it is complimentary and undoubtedly a good community building strategy.  Not having a presence probably says more about an organization than having one.


The response I got was quite interesting, similar to my last post about opening a Twitter account, but not the same organization.  Here is the response, verbatim but with names removed [] to protect the innocent:

First I think [legal counsel] needs to have a chat with some
of our younger (translate: younger than any of us) [members] to make certain we really
understand the issues so that we don't open [association] to liability or worse, end up
weakening our intellectual properties.  [They] may come back to sound the "all clear" but I have a
suspicion there's more to it than first meets the eye

So it is not surprising that I couldn't find this person on LinkedIn.

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