We’re looking at starting a Twitter Account Next Quarter

I recently asked a very well respected thought leader in the CRM space if they had a Twitter account, as I wanted to follow them.  At first blush I found their response quite astonishing: "No, we don't have a Twitter account, but we're looking at setting one up in the next quarter."  Well guess what, your preferred Twitter handle could be taken in the 30 seconds it took you to tell me that!

I wholeheartedly support developing a strategic approach to social media while at the same time I would admonish those whose speed to adopt could be considered Jurassic.  What I'm really hearing is "No, I don't really have a social media strategy and I'm struggling to get it all figured out."  That I have empathy for.  Social media tools are coming at us with blazing speed and it is already hard enough to manage all of the messages coming through email and RSS channels without monitoring keywords on Twitter, being friendly on Facebook and nurturing our network and groups on LinkedIn. 

Gotta run, I just got poked!

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