Slideshare and one Company’s Sharing Policy

I've been watching the changes in the way individuals and companies have become less reluctant to share and publish content in the public domain.  While there is a growing trend to publish content, there are still some people who are hanging onto their corporate firewalls for dear life with the great fear that someone is going to get their "stuff" for free.

I recently experienced this as I was producing SMEI's Social Media Road Show.  We invited all of the thought leaders presenting to share their PowerPoint presentations on Slideshare.  The Slideshare site offers free hosting of files and is especially good at converting your PowerPoint into a flash file that you can embed as a presentation on your website.  In today's social media sharing world, getting your content into the conversation is as easy as that.

Most of the presenters were quite willing to share their material.  Some even have there own Slideshare accounts and provided us with access.  One presenter in particular responded "For proprietary reasons we don’t publish our presentations or hand out copies during the presentation.  We typically are on the cutting edge of Internet marketing, advertising, and public relations technologies and don’t want competitors to gain easy access to what we’re doing and how we’re doing it."  While I may have bought that argument a few years ago, trends and ROI on content publishing indicate that things have changed and that if a company is truly on the cutting edge today, they are going to be publishing a lot of content.  Maybe not their trade secrets, but there are compelling reasons why they may want to rethink their strategy. 

For example and education, I'll share one of the presentations here by Paul Dunay:

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