Twitter and Your Social Media Space

The New York Times calls Twitter "one of the fastest-growing phenomena on the Internet" and we're seeing companies and organizations adopting Twitter as one of the key tools in their social media arsenal.  Created as a way to keep in touch with friends and family, Twitter is now a popular choice for organizations to monitor and participate in online conversations that impact or include their social media space.

So, if you have a personal Twitter account, should you create a separate one for your organization and if so, how do you manage two or more Twitter feeds?  I personally like  It also allows you to have a home page where you can select and monitor "brand" conversations happening on Twitter.

Another best practice for a corporate or organization Twitter account is to authenticate it by posting a link from your Twitter profile to your organization's website and vice versa so that readers can verify that you are the "real thing".  This suggestion thanks to @jowyang.

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