Discussion Board added to LinkedIn Groups

Last Friday LinkedIn added a new discussion feature to the LinkedIn Groups.  We are starting to use this function and we also set a few rules for the group.  I’ll share a generic copy of the rules here, as you may wish to adopt them if you want to optimize this feature for your group members:

SAMPLE LinkedIn Group Discussion Introduction and Rules
First, I’d like to thank you for being a member of the [group name}.  Today LinkedIn released the new Group Discussion forum for groups. The purpose of our group is to [insert group purpose]. Therefore I believe it is important that we should establish some basic rules of engagement which reinforce this group objective. 

These basic rules of engagement are intended to ensure that members, whose primary goal is to network and grow professionally (and personally), can derive the value they expect in a non-commercial environment.

Please follow these simple guidelines when posting to the group:

  • Make sure your post is [group purpose] related.  If you are a member of the [profession name], and you are looking for specific assistance with a challenge, you can use the forum to solicit help from other group members.
  • You can use the forum to drive idea generation, and collaborate with other members, on sales and marketing topics of mutual interest. 
  • If you are an individual in search for a new job, you are welcome to share your current status with the group, as well as your interests, experience and aspirations, since this group is designed for your personal and professional growth.
  • Please do not post a discussion in order to recruit or advertise (your company, your products, your services, your job openings and your company events). If you have any questions about how to promote such opportunities to other members, please contact me at [group admin email] and I will be happy to review and provide suggestions.
  • This group should NOT be used as a broadcasting tool. If you would like to contact members, please use the Group People Search to contact fellow members directly.
  • This group should NOT be used to conduct polls.

If you have any insights or comments on how you would envision this group’s progress for your benefit or that of all members, please feel free to drop me a note at [group admin email].

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