Go To Webinar New Integrated Audio Feature

Gotowebinar.com has recently added a couple of new features which I’ll comment on here:

  1. Integrated Audio – you can now use a chat headset as a presenter/panelist/meeting organizer and your audience can now choose between using a traditional telephone line to get audio or using their computer audio.  We’ve done a couple of webinars using the integrated audio and we have found the results to be quite good.  Another new feature included in this option is the ability for participants to "raise their hand" if they want to ask a question.  The administrator can then unmute that participants audio so that they can join the conference (all attendees can hear them).  We did try this function and found a couple of reasons not to unmute participant audio: a) there was a lot of feedback noise; b) you can’t control what the participants are going to say and if they have negative comments it can impact your recording and the experience for other participants.
  2. New recording option:  You can now use the built in recording function and you will not need to change settings on your computer.  Just use the options function before you start the webinar and read the information available on the recording options.  We used this function and it worked fine.

Caution Note:  The admin panel has changed and you will need to watch the red button area on the top of the panel when you start your webinar.  You can go from practice mode to start, and then there is a second button that you need to click to allow all participants to hear you and see your screen.

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