Mission Critical for Non-Profits to Make the Search Connection

Kevin Ryan is Global Content Director, Search Engine Strategies and Search Engine Watch. We caught up with Kevin on his Blackberry while he travels in Europe.  Kevin is organizing the Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference and Expo coming up June 16-18, 2008 in Toronto, Canada.

TekOrg: How long have you been involved in SEO?

I’ve been in search for over 10 years.

TeckOrg: What are the most dramatic changes you have seen in SEO since your involvement began?

Drama being the operative word, the industry has changed dramatically. The practice of SEO has become more sophisticated since the search engines have become more elaborate in their methods of ranking and indexing sites have become more complicated.

TekOrg: How important do you think SEO is for non-profit organizations?

It is mission critical for non-profits that communicate on the web to make the search connection. It is perhaps more important for non-profits working with limited media dollars to engage in search optimization efforts.

TekOrg: Should SEO be applied differently when targeting people with different cultural backgrounds?

SEO efforts are largely the product of site content communications and web conversations. If it is necessary to direct communications to specific target audience groups on the web uniquely, your search efforts should reflect that.

TekOrg: What are some of the leading trends you see being implemented by major search engines?

Blending search results and social construct methods are the latest big trends. In blended search results, every asset content purveyors have comes into consideration. Social constructs encourage search activity which leads to greater revenue for search sites and more efficient search activity for the consuming public.

TekOrg: What role does video play in SEO?

Video has become a key asset for content producers since blended search results have arrived on the scene. Now more than ever, video is being included alongside text results so web marketers must consider video a critical element of any SEO effort.

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