Minute Taking Made Easy with Computer Pen?

Early in 2008 LiveScribe will release it’s much touted smartpen that captures handwriting and simultaneously records conversations while writing, ensuring you will never miss a word. If you use this tool to take association meeting minutes, you can access recorded minutes from meetings simply by tapping directly on your paper notes.

The smartpen connects to the PC allowing you to transfer, backup, and even search for words within notes. You can also transform notes or drawings into interactive flash movies and upload creations online for anyone to see. Additional downloadable applications will be announced at www.livescribe.com in Q1 2008.

LIvescribe is also giving away two pens per day if you join their group on Facebook. Anyone can learn more about the "Livescribe Smartpen Sweepstakes" at www.nevermissaword.com or if you are a Facebook user you can go directly to the "Livescribe – Never miss a word" group. Two smartpens will be given away every day until January 28, 2008 through a random selection process. Winners will be the first to receive smartpens when they become available in early Q1 2008.  (note this is also an example of how social media is being used in marketing)

If it works as well as it looks on the video, this is a way cool tool.

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