Get Rid of the Ribbon Blues in MS Office 2007

As you may know, Microsoft has replaced the familiar toolbar and menu system used in Office 2003 and earlier with the Ribbon, a new tabbed navigational map. This means that you have to learn an entirely new way to navigate Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Toolbar Toggle is the only utility to insert the Office 2003 classic menus and toolbars into the new Office 2007 environment.

ToolbarToggle is 100% compatible with Office 2007 and enables users to:

• Use both the toolbar and the Ribbon side-by-side and toggle between the two;

• Use the old toolbar and hide the Ribbon, or use the Ribbon and hide the toolbar;

• View original dialog and input forms whenever and wherever possible;

• Configure multiple custom toolbars, even on a per document basis;

• Add custom macros to toolbars and menus; and,

• Float/dock toolbars anywhere on the screen.

A 5-day free trial is available for those who want to test the product and a downloadable version can be purchased for $19.95 or the Lite version for $12.95.   If you like what you see, I’ve arranged for a special 20% discount on your order of ToolbarToggle for my tekorg readers. Just enter Code TEKORG when you purchase your copy.

We hope this helps your migration to Office 2007 and gets rid of your “Ribbon” blues.

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