Why this blog?

I’ve recently attended two technology conferences, the Sales 2.0 event, and just this week the 3rd Annual Affiniscape User’s Conference.  Being immersed in the association management business, I’m intrigued by technology that enables the association community.

With the trend towards less volunteer time for involvement and reluctance of association members to take on tasks that crowd their business and personal life, we as association management professionals must help guide association leaders to develop financial models that provide the resources necessary for administrative personnel to take on association tasks traditionally given to volunteers and allow these people to focus on high level strategy related to vision and mission.

One of the most efficient approaches is to use technology to enable this transformation.  However, that comes with the daunting challenge of analyzing the myriad of choices and having faith that the solution will have sufficient longevity and usefulness to provide a payback, and require little implementation time and staff training.

My goal for this blog space is to create a forum for discussing and reviewing technology solutions that can be enablers for the association community, empowering its members, leaders and administrators.

My personal pledge is to provide an upfront disclaimer if I’m being compensated for the referral of any product or service.  (A note to vendors – I can’t be bought, unless of course the buyout is substantial enough to provide financial independence and pay the college tuition for three children!)

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